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  • Faith
  • Freedom
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Subject Lead: Ms C Bond

Subject Policy: MF Music Policy 2020

Subject Document: MF Music Curriculum Coverage 2020-2021 

Subject Gallery: Music Photo Gallery

Music encourages children to be creative and innovative, it teaches presentation and performance skills, and builds confidence, self-esteem and teamwork.  At Manor Field School all children learn to play musical instruments, and to sing and play as part of an ensemble. Over time, pupils develop the skills to create their own music, and appreciate and enjoy music from many genres, traditions and countries. Music is celebrated at Manor Field school and we encourage children to perform and showcase their music learning.


Music Masters - July 2021

Year 2 Darwin singing 'Tongo', a fishing boat song from Polynesia

Year 3 Madrid singing 'Fly Like An Eagle', a Native American song
Year 4 Paris class singing in Spanish and playing the ukulele. The song is 'Vamos A Remar' (Row, Row, Row Your Boat in Spanish).

Music Masters - June 2021

Tokyo Popocatepe

Helsinki - Ukuleles

Seoul - Moon Round

Sea Stars - How Does a Lion Go

Music Masters - February 2021

Please see below some of our pupils videos from home

Magilam from Cairo class singing 'Babala Gumbala'.


Music Masters - December 2020

Sea Stars class have enjoyed learning lots of songs this half term. One of their favourite songs is 'All My Love' - here they are singing it with the ukulele.


  1 Maputo class singing 'Kye Kye Kule', a call and response song from Ghana. The singing is led by Jake, Isabella, Kai and Aaradhya, with the rest of the class singing the response.


 5 Seoul class have been learning songs about Ancient Greece and history and are singing the song 'Ancient Greece', written by Miss Bond for their topic.

 6 Tokyo class have been learning about music from World War II. Here they are singing 'Hey, Mr Miller' - a song about famous American jazz musician Glen Miller, who was also in the US Army during the Second World War. Tokyo class particularly enjoyed the part where they pretended to sound like trumpets in the song!

Music Masters - November 2020

Accra class have learned songs from different countries in Africa. In this recording, Nakiso and Ricarlo are leading the singing in the call and response song 'Oweo'.

 Wagga Wagga class have been learning songs from other countries, linking in with their topic 'Around the world in 40 days'. They have really enjoyed learning songs in different languages and the biggest challenge was learning the traditional Japanese song 'Sakura'.

Jakarta class have learned songs related to their topic of Greek myths. The recording is of the class singing 'Feeling Free', about Icarus escaping and flying towards the sun.

Music Masters - March 2020

Helsinki Class Playing Recorders in their assembly - Friday 20th March 2020