Manor Field Primary School

  • Thoughtfulness
  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Happiness
  • Hope
  • Patience
  • Care
  • Humility
  • Simplicity
  • Trust
  • Faith
  • Freedom
  • Tolerance
  • Quality
  • Unity
  • Friendship
  • Love
  • Courage
  • Appreciation
  • Honesty
  • Understanding
  • Co-operation
  • Consideration


  T h e   R e a d i n g   C o r n e r

          "You can find magic wherever you look,                       sit back and relax, all you need is a book." - Dr Seuss

Here you will be able to see the reading corner in each class room.

MF Class Reading Displays


Accelerated Reader

Whilst your child is having to stay at home, this provides a great opportunity for them to spend time immersing themselves in a range of engaging texts and to continue building a life-long love for learning!

To support the children to continue to develop their reading skills whilst they are at home they can still access Accelerated Reader to complete quizzes on the books that they have read.  This programme provides a great motivation for the children to maintain their reading and it will also continue to consolidate their retrieval comprehension skills.

The children will need to login using the following website address: 

You must use the above web address, as this is the school's hosted site.  You cannot access it through a Google search. The children can search on the Accelerated Reader Bookfinder website ( to discover books that they might like to read at home.


Here is a link to the Audible website, which is currently providing free audio texts that your child could listen to at home: 

There is a wide variety of great texts for them to discover on here!

World Book Day


The World Book Day website also has a wide variety of FREE audiobooks, which your child can listen to at home.  These include animal stories, humorous texts, adventure tales, sports stories – and even a book that provides mindfulness exercises!  Here is the link for where you can find these exciting texts:

The selection of audiobooks are updated regularly.  


Here you will be able listen to your teachers and other members of staff read different books from the comfort of your own home!

Scroll down to see what our School Dog, Cara, has been reading too!


Here are some free e-books for children and their families to access so they can explore current issues in a child-friendly way:

Human Body


Topics Today - RacismPride In Change



'Schnitzel Von Krumm's Basketwork' by Lynley Dodd - Read by Miss Bailey                            


'One Springy Day' by Nick Butterworth - Read by Ms Spence                                                   

 Recommended reading age: Years R - 2 


'Clever Polly and the Stupid Wolf' by Catherine Storr - Read by Mrs Kirwan                              

This book consists of 12 short stories. Mrs Kirwan is reading the first story in the book which is called 'Clever Polly'.

 Recommended reading age: Years 1 - 6 


'Some Dogs Do' by Jez Alborough - Read by Mr Cook                                                                

 Recommended reading age: Years R - 4 


'Horrid Henry and the Football Fiend' by Francesca Simon - Read by Mr Cook                           

 Recommended reading age: Years R - 5 


'Mog on Fox Night' by Judith Kerr - Read by Mrs Rahman                                                         

 Recommended reading age: Years R - 1 +


'Angelina Ballerina' by Katharine Holabird - Read by Mrs Rahman                                        

 Recommended reading age: Years R - 1 + 


'Night Monkey Day Monkey' by Julia Donaldson - Read by Mrs Rahman                                      

 Recommended reading age: Years R - 1 + 


'Le Petite Poule Rousse' by Byron Barton - Read by Madame Le Moal                                         

'Le Petite Poule Rousse' (which translates to 'The Little Red Hen') is read by Madame Le Moal in French.

 Recommended reading age: Years R - 6 


'There's a Monster in your Book' by Tom Fletcher - Read by Mrs Nell                                      

 Recommended reading age: Years R - 1 


'The BFG' by Roald Dahl - Read by Mr Esplen                                                                              

 Recommended reading age: Years 2 - 6 

Chapter 1, PART 1

Chapter 1, PART 2


 'Arabel's Raven' by Joan Aiken - Read by Mr Mills                                                                     

Recommended reading age: Years 3- 6 

(Audio Only)


'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes - Read by Mr Mills

'The Way Home for Wolf' by Rachel Bright - Read by Mrs Ormonde                                          

Recommended reading age: Years 1 -5 


'Rain Player' by David Wisniewski - Read by Ms Smith                                                             

Recommended reading age: Years 3 - 4 

This text was to support Year 3's 'Rainforest' theme.



--------------------------  Books read by Cara, the School Dog!  ------------------------- 


Below are two videos of Cara reading. However, if you want to watch and listen to more, you can visit her YouTube channel by clicking HERE!

Would you like to share some of YOUR reading with Cara? You can now email her at

'Upon Reflection' - an Aesop fable                                                                                           

'Upon Reflection', also known as 'The dog and it's reflection', is one of Aesop's fables - in which he who would have everything, gets nothing. Cara reminds us to be grateful for what we have and to look after it, even when we go looking for something bigger and better. If we don't, we might just end up losing what we have already.

 "In striving to get more than you have, hold on tight to what you already have or you might just end up with nothing." 

Illustration taken from the book; An Anthology of Unwitting Wisdom -Aesop's animal fables, retold and illustrated by Helen Ward.


'Hard Cheese' - an Aesop fable                                                                                                

'Hard Cheese', also known as 'The Fox and the Crow', is another one of Aesop's fables in which a fox persuades a crow out of his lunch. Cara reminds us all to be aware of false flattery as she tries to dodge a bath, after returning from a walk with Miss Peckham and jumping into a smelly river, and playing, when she was told not to!

 "Beware of false flattery" 

Illustration taken from the book; An Anthology of Unwitting Wisdom -Aesop's animal fables, retold and illustrated by Helen Ward.